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End Bidenomics - Cut Spending​

​Bidenomics is crushing the American economy and middle-class families. We will face grave financial danger if we do not address inflation and spending head-on. As an outsider, I understand that it is not the politicians' money - it is our money as taxpayers. We need to elect leaders who understand that when the government is going to spend taxpayer money, they need to set priorities, cut wasteful spending, and refuse to spend money that the government does not have in the account!

secure our Southern Border

The laws of our nation need to be enforced. President Biden's border policies are failing the people of our country. In 2021, we saw an increase in drug and human trafficking, a rise in crime, and free passage for those to enter our country who have broken the law. As the next Congresswoman from North Carolina, I will strongly advocate for a secure southern border, additional funding to DHS and Border Patrol, and allowing the US Border Patrol Agents to do their job!

politics is broken 

I look at politics; it's broken. We won't fix it and get out of this mess by electing more career politicians to represent us in Washington. So when I'm elected to represent our community, I will do just that. I will not go to Washington to make a career out of it. Instead, I will follow the approach of Congressman George Holding and support term limits.

Support NC Agriculture and Farmers

In 2023, the United States Congress will pass a new Farm Bill. I believe our region and state must have a Congresswoman who understands agriculture in the room to be a voice for North Carolina's largest industry. As an attorney, local farmers knew that I would fight for them when an international Fortune 500 company's fertilizer damaged the farmers' tobacco crop. So I fought for them, and we won. I will take this same fight to Congress for the best interest of the agricultural community.​